Alargan Towell Supports Meritorious School Students in Wilayat of Barka

    Complementing efforts towards social responsibility in the local community, Alargan Towell – one of the Sultanate’s leading real estate development companies, has pledged financial support to 70 students of the Thabit bin Qais School for boys and the Al Amal Girls School in the Wilayat of Barka. The Company has consistently invested in the betterment of the community surrounding their projects, and this initiative to support the education of children living near the Al Waha integrated residential project – largest in the area so far, follows in the same vision.

    Alargan Towell has always been committed to the improvement of education across Oman. Recently the company sponsored a ceremony to honour students from the Al Amal Girls School for their exemplary performance in academics. This event was conducted under the auspices of His Excellency Mr. Sulaiman bin Hamoud al Busaidi, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, in the presence of the Director General of Educational Conservatism of South Batinah, Dr. Waleed bin Said bin Sinan Al Hinai, in addition to members of the Member of the Municipal Council, Abdulraheem Al-Hooti, a number of supervisors from the Directorate of South Al-Batinah, along the students’ families.

    Sharing her thoughts on the students initiative, Ms. Abeer bint Khamis al Balushi, Head of Marketing at Alargan Towell noted, “We have consistently dedicated ourselves to becoming a significant partner with local communities. This not only ensures that we have close ties with society, but also gives us the opportunity to give back in a way that makes a meaningful difference. Our efforts to support the students in the Wilayat of Barka stems from this very belief. We are very pleased to have been able to support the student honouring ceremony, as well as make a financial donation to students – coinciding with the popular Muscat International Book Fair 2016. We are confident that this significant initiative will not only inculcate the love of reading among children from a young age, but also go a long way in building a generation of well-informed readers who form the future of the Sultanate.”

    Ms. Abeer also added, “Creating a new benchmark in the design and standards of integrated residential complexes in the Sultanate, our Al Waha project offers a variety of residential components including villas, townhouses and apartments, in addition to complete community facilities and amenities to serve the local residents. To accompany these offerings, it is great that the local public understands the Alargan Towell vision and how we play an active and supportive role in the local community.”

    Ms. Naima bint Masoud Al Yahmadi, Principal of Al Amal Girls School for basic education, shared her appreciation for Alargan Towell’s support. She said, “It gives me great pleasure to thank Alargan Towell for their contribution to our students. Their contribution to the event honouring academic excellence was particularly encouraging for the students. Furthermore, the Company’s monetary support to the girls for the first semester of the current academic year was a truly unique and enlightening experience for them.”

    Principal of the Thabit bin Qais School for boys, Mr. Salem bin said Al Badri, expressed his sincere gratitude to Alargan Towell and commented, “Education is a very significant part of the lives of the next generation and we believe that providing our students with support and exposure can help builder a nation of strong and proud Omanis. We thank Alargan Towell for supporting our efforts by aiding excelling students, and hope that other private sector companies will follow their lead.”

    The Al Waha project which has a total area of nearly 700,000 square meters, is considered to be the newest integrated residential project in Barka. Located just 25 minutes from the capital city of Muscat, the project has successfully completed its first phase. Al Waha is differentiated by the variety of residential buildings it provides to customers - including villas of various sizes and apartments. Moreover, to give the surroundings a unique trait, the project will include landscaped gardens, and commercial space, in addition to schools, mosques and others, making the project more like a full-fledged township.

    The Al Waha project is being developed by Alargan Towell Investment Company which was founded in 2003 in the Sultanate of Oman as a result of the strategic alliance between Alargan Towell International Real Estate Company, and the reputed WJ Towell. Alargan Towell’s activities worked around the strategy of creating affordable housing opportunities for Omanis with middle-incomes. This innovative partnership led to the construction of a number of successful and integrated projects such as the Beyout Al Fay, Al Waha project, Al Mawalih Villas project, Al Hail houses project and the Al Qurm gardens project. Furthermore, the Company is now in the preparation stages for the Palm project – which is expected to be the first integrated tourism project in the Wilayat of Barka. And as a result of their many successes, Alargan Towell has received numerous international, regional and local awards. Most recently, they were named the best developer award for residential neighborhoods at the Oman Real Estate Awards 2015. Additionally, the Palm project was recognised as a prominent real estate development project at the Arabian Property Awards 2015.