Company Profile

Alargan Towell Investment Company L.L.C was established in 2003 as the result of a strategic alliance between two regional giants - Kuwait-based Alargan International Real Estate Company and W.J Towell from Oman.

Over a decade later, Alargan International Real Estate Company has emerged as a leader in the field of real estate development in the Gulf region, with fully operational branches in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt. Al Argan Towell investment Company  pioneered the affordable housing concept and has various upcoming construction projects in the Sultanate that offer clients a true taste of luxury urban living at competitive prices.

Partners for progress

WJ. Towell - one of the most respected business houses in Oman - and Alargan – a reputed real estate company in Kuwait - came together in partnership to create Alargan Towell Investment Company L.L.C in 2003. The partnership aims to provide Omani society with innovative, affordable housing with a focus on the middle income segment.

Alargan International Real Estate Company

Alargan began in 1994 when the founders recognized a need in the market for a trusted and forward thinking real estate company. Its resources, market experience and risk assessment capabilities have strengthened its position in the real estate market, enabling it to provide affordable, high-quality and middle-income housing across the GCC region.

The company has completed over 27 projects with 2,306 residential units. An additional 6,691 units are currently under construction. The company continues to reinforce its position in the industry by pursuing new markets and opportunities.

WJ Towell & Co. LLC

Established in the year 1866 in Oman, the company today has interests in over 40 industries ranging from food distribution, property, automobiles, paints, telecommunications, engineering, retailing, computers, printing, insurance, construction and more. The group has brought into Oman some of the world’s famous brands like Unilever, Nestlé, Mazda, Bridgestone etc. either in the form of joint ventures or as sole distributors. In addition, real estate is also one of WJ Towell Group's core businesses.

As a leading consumer goods distributor, WJ Towell promotes locally manufactured products through a distribution network that extends throughout the region. The group is directly involved in the manufacture of paints, textiles, furnishings, dairy products, pet bottles and building materials including concrete and fiber glass pipes.